Who We Are

Change Energy believes that energy is not just a commodity but a service.

Technology is changing the way energy is produced, delivered, stored and consumed. Finding the best, most cost effective solution is challenging – we want to manage our customer’s energy needs to that they don’t have to.

Change Energy was founded to be a new kind of energy company.

We are not tied to legacy investments in old power stations or transmission lines or to any particular technology.

At Change Energy, we take a straightforward view of providing the customer with the best value solution for their individual needs.

Change Energy’s founders, Domenic Mercuri and Geoff Gaston have extensive expertise in providing energy services to Western Australian businesses.

Domenic is founder and CEO of Solargain, one of Australia’s largest solar PV and hot water providers. Dom and Solargain have installed over 10MW of commercial solar PV systems as well as LED lighting and controls for over the last 10 years.

Geoff, CEO of Change Energy, has over 20 years in energy markets here in WA and North America. He is an industry leader in the WA electricity market and has managed the electricity purchases for over 3000 businesses in Perth and the Southwest.

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