LED Lighting and Energy Efficiency

LED lighting can reduce electricity consumption by up to 50%

Do you know when your electricity consumption is at its peak, or which operations and appliances are consuming the most electricity? Understanding how electricity is used in your business is the first step in controlling the cost.

In a typical office environment, lighting can account for nearly 40% of the total electricity costs. We offer cutting-edge, tailored lighting solutions to reduce electricity consumption. Our LED range includes smart lighting featuring daylight and movement sensors to help minimise the quantity of electricity that your lighting consumes.

We provide transparent analysis of lighting projects including cost, payback period and the expected ongoing savings compared to your existing lighting.

Power Factor Correction and Energy Efficiency Services

Some appliances can affect your power factor (as measured by Western Power). Poor power factor increases electricity consumption and can result in increased network costs and in some cases incur penalty charges from Western Power.  We offer power factor correction services to identify and remedy power factor issues.

Other services we offer include voltage optimisation and metering/monitoring. We are constantly looking at new technologies that can offer businesses electricity cost savings.


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