Electricity Supply

What are you spending on electricity?  We can offer significant savings over Synergy’s regulated tariffs.

As part of our Energy Management service, the first thing we will look at is your current electricity consumption and costs.

We perform a detailed analysis of your electricity usage looking at:

  • The type of business
  • The time of day and time of year you use electricity
  • Identify any anomalies over the year

Once we have analysed your usage, and consider other technologies like solar, we will provide competitive electricity pricing tailored to your needs.


Feed in Tariffs

We can offer market based Solar Feed in Tariffs for any energy that is exported back onto the grid.

Many of the costs included in your tariffs to provide you electricity cannot be offset when selling energy back to the grid.


Multi-site supply

If you have multiple sites around WA, we can look at the group of sites and potentially offer further savings.

We can even use the solar export from one site to offset the energy cost at another site.


Switching is easy

If you like our offer and sign up, we will arrange with Western Power to transfer you to Change Energy. This typically takes 3-8 business days and in most cases, there is no disruption to your business.

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