Energy Solutions

Changing to LED lighting can reduce your business’ energy consumption by 50%

Do you know when your electricity consumption is at its peak?

– Understanding how electricity is used in your business is the first step in controlling the cost.

Do you know why your electricity consumption is at its peak?

– Smoothing out demand can lead to savings.

What are the biggest users of electricity in your business?

– In a typical office environment, lighting can make up close to 40% of the electricity costs.

Power factor – improving your power factor can reduce your costs.

– Poor power factor increases electricity consumption, can increase network costs and in some cases cause penalty charges from Western Power.

Understand your options

– Change Energy’s tailored solutions are designed to provide the most value to the customer.

Change Energy’s mission is to provide our customers with a service that continually provides value for money. We are constantly looking at new technologies that can improve our customer’s bottom line.

We can provide the following services in addition to grid supply and solar:

  • LED lighting
  • Demand Management
  • Power factor correction
  • Voltage optimisation
  • Metering/monitoring


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