What We Do

We want to be the energy manager for your business. Someone that you can rely on to provide the best solution and value for money.

We offer a single, expert source of grid electricity supply, solar, LED and energy efficiency.

Our solutions give you control over your electricity costs.

Our offer includes:

Review electricity usage – ½ hourly consumption for 12 months

  • First step in controlling your energy costs is to understand how you use it.

Look for anomalies or trends is usage

  • There may be simple and easy strategies to reduce consumption.

Review site layout for solar

  • Our solar specialists will review the site for solar PV sizing and installation

Identify opportunities for energy efficiency (LED lighting, PF, voltage optimisation)

  • Our energy managers can typically identify opportunities for energy efficiencies by discussing the sites uses and doing a walk-through

Based on historical electricity usage, optimise the solar size and energy efficiency measures to provide outcome for the customer

  • Our offer will provide details on future costs, consumption and payback for investments

Contract for grid power, solar and efficiency installations and finance if required.

  • Change Energy will provide a contract grid supply, solar and energy efficiency – providing the customer with a simple single solution that will save time and money.


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