Who We Help

We focus on your energy, so you can focus on your business

Here at Change Energy, we’re passionate about finding the right solutions for our customers. We offer competitive electricity rates for all types of businesses in Western Australia. 

We work with a wide range of customers from various industries such as supermarkets, agriculture, farming, manufacturing, industrial, retail, food and beverage. 

No matter what kind of business you operate, we know you want a competitive price, easy to understand billing and real advice on how to reduce your electricity costs. Businesses of all kinds choose Change Energy because we are experts in the business electricity. 

Want to see what Change Energy can do for you? Simply upload your latest electricity bill and find out how much you can save.

Who We Help

Supermarkets: We have worked with 100s of supermarkets in WA to help them save money on their electricity bills.  Bundled or unbundled pricing, solar PV analysis and peak demand alerts help put you in control of your electricity costs.

Agriculture and Farming: Change Energy understands that each agri-business is unique. We do a detailed analysis of your consumption to provide competitive electricity prices and actionable advice to help reduce energy costs even further.

Manufacturing and Industrial: Energy costs can be a critical input to your business. We can provide financial analysis of investments in LED lighting, solar PV or other energy efficiency solutions. Our expertise in the electricity market means our insights into the costs of energy cannot be matched.

Retail, Food & Beverage: We are a small business competing against larger corporates – so we understand the challenges retail businesses face. We work hard to give you great value and excellent service because hassles with your electricity bill are the last thing you need.

6 ways Change Energy can save your business money

Before making recommendations, we undertake a detailed analysis of your energy consumption and usage. We review how your business uses electricity including the time of day that you use the most power, and any changes from season to season.

You will know for sure if switching to Change Energy will save you money. Our analysis finds opportunities for savings based on current usage.

Electricity costs can be complicated. Rates seem to increase and understanding how the pricing works can be complicated. You can rely on us to explain how the pricing works, and more importantly how we work with you to save you money.

Whatever business you are in – from retail and grocery, to industrial, manufacturing and warehousing – we understand your need for stable, reliable and cost-effective energy. We understand how your power needs change, and how it affects the price that you pay.

We are a small business competing against larger corporate companies.  Our 100% WA local team work hard to give you great value and excellent service because hassles with your electricity bill are the last thing you need.

Changing to Change Energy is simple. We take care of the transfer and you won’t notice any change to your power supply. The only change you’ll notice is a different invoice and lower energy costs.

As an energy retailer with specialists in the supply of solar PV systems and LED lighting, we are uniquely able to help you save even more.