Why Choose Us?

Change Energy is WA's Competitive Energy Supplier

Why Choose Us?

Change Energy is WA’s competitive energy retailer, providing our customers a single, expert source for grid electricity supply, Solar PV, LED lighting and energy efficiency. Our solutions give you control over your electricity costs.

Best of all? We’re based here in WA with our office in Malaga. That means every time you’re speaking with Change Energy you’re supporting a WA local business, who pride themselves on delivering customers an excellent standard of customer service. 

Save Money
We offer competitive electricity prices
One-to-one customer service
Get answers right away, no call-centre waiting
Business Electricity Experts
We are experts in helping business with their electricity needs
LED and Solar Energy Solutions
Take more control of your energy costs


Change Energy offers significant savings over Synergy’s regulated tariffs. 

As part of our service, we first analyse your current electricity consumption and costs, performing a detailed analysis of your electricity usage looking at:

  • The type of industry your business is in 
  • The time of day you use energy
  • The time of year you use energy 
  • Identify any anomalies over the year where your usage is much larger or smaller than usual 

Once analysing the above for your electricity usage, we can then offer competitive electricity pricing tailored to your needs. 

Solar Buy Back

We can offer market based Solar Buy Back for any energy that is exported from your Solar PV system back onto the grid. 

Multi-site Supply

If you have multiple sites around WA, we can look at the group of sites and potentially offer further savings. Through our in-depth analysis, we can also suggest ways for multi-sites to reduce their electricity costs such as using solar export from one site to offset the energy cost at another site. 

About Change Energy

Change Energy was founded to be a new kind of energy company. We take a straightforward view of providing the customer with the best value solution for their individual needs. 

We’re not tied to legacy investments in old power stations or transmission lines to a particular technology. With technology consistently evolving, it changes the way energy is produced, delivered, stored and consumed. Finding the best, most cost-effective solution can be challenging – but we’re here to manage our customers energy needs so they don’t have to.

Change Energy was founded by Domenic Mercuri and Geoff Gaston, who combined have extensive expertise in providing energy services to Western Australian businesses. 

Domenic is the founder and CEO of Solargain, one of Australia’s largest solar PV and hot water providers. Over the last 10 years, Domenic and Solargain have installed over 10MW of commercial solar PV systems and LED lighting solutions across Western Australia.

Geoff, the CEO of Change Energy, has over 20 years’ experience in energy markets here in WA and North America. He is an industry leader in the WA electricity market and has managed the electricity purchases for over 3000 businesses in Perth and the Southwest.

Change Energy’s collective industry experience means our customers can be sure they’re getting the best solutions tailored solutions provided by industry experts.

Switching is easy, we arrange with Western Power to transfer you from your current electricity retailer to Change Energy. This typically takes 3-5 business days and in most cases, there is no disruption to your business.