Industry Leaders in Energy

Energy expertise for large companies

Geoff Gaston, CEO of Change Energy, has over 20 years’ experience in energy markets here in WA and North America.  He is an industry leader in the WA electricity market and has managed the electricity purchases for 1000s of businesses around the state.

Domenic Mercuri is founder and CEO of Solargain, one of Australia’s largest solar PV and hot water providers. In the last 10 years, Domenic’s team at Solargain have installed over 10MW of commercial solar PV systems and delivered energy-efficient LED lighting solutions across WA.

1. We make the complex simple

Before making recommendations, we undertake a detailed analysis of your energy consumption and usage. We review how your business uses electricity including the time of day that you use the most power, and any changes from season to season.

We offer multi-site billing, together with customised reporting, and energy efficiency advice

2. You can have confidence you are getting the best energy savings

Our in depth knowledge of the WA electricity market, solar PV and LED lighting means we can provide solutions that others can’t. We have over 20 years’ of expertise in helping businesses save on their energy costs.

3. We take the time to understand your business

Whatever business you are in – from retail and grocery, to industrial, manufacturing and warehousing – we understand your need for stable, reliable and cost effective energy. We understand your power needs may change, we’re here to help you understand your energy consumption as your business grows and changes.

4. We provide easy to understand contracts

When you deal with Change Energy you can deal with the Managing Director directly and our 100% WA local team is available to to discuss your requirements. Avoid big call centres and deal direct with the people that run the business.

Electricity costs can be complicated. Rates seem to increase and understanding how the pricing works can be complicated. You can rely on us to explain how the pricing works, and more importantly how we work with you to save you money. 

5. Dependable energy supply

Changing to Change Energy is simple. We take care of the transfer and ou won’t notice any change to your power supply. The only change you’ll notice is a different invoice and lower energy costs.

6. Solar PV and LED lighting savings

As an energy retailer with specialists in supply of solar PV systems and LED lighting, we are uniquely able to help you save even more.


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