How can I save money?

Change Energy can offer savings on your electricity prices, reduce your usage by installing solar, LED lighting and other energy efficiency measures.

Am I contestable?

You need to be a business customer spending over $1000 per month. If you are unsure, please contact us and we can check contestability for you.  Sorry, due to government regulations Change Energy cannot supply residential customers.

How do I switch electricity retailer?

Once you have signed a contract with a new retailer (like Change Energy), the retailer will make the switch happen with minimal involvement from the customer.

Is there any disruption to my business?

There typically is no disruption to your business. If a new electricity meter is required, Western Power will arrange to change the meter at a time that suits you.

What information do I have to provide for electricity supply?

We require your meter # or NMI and the site address. We also require your consent to request your meter data from Western Power.

What information do I have to provide for solar?

In order to provide the best quote possible, we will require meter data, your current electricity rates and some information on your electricity distribution board. We can size the solar system to your roof using our in-house systems.

What are the payment options for electricity supply?

We offer Direct Debit, BPay, EFT and credit card facilities. Paying by credit card will attract a processing fee. In some cases, we may require pre-payments.

What are the payment options for solar?

We offer up-front cash purchase and a range of financing options.

Who do I call if there is a power disruption?

Please call Western Power on 13 13 51. You must inform Western Power and your retailer if you have life support equipment.

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