Western Power Network Tariffs

  • Network tariffs make up between 30-50% of your electricity bill
  • The Economic Regulation Authority approves Western Power’s tariffs for 5-year periods
  • New tariffs to be set for July 2019
  • Change Energy will analyse the new tariffs to ensure the lowest possible cost for our customers
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Electricity Summer Demand

If you can reduce your electricity demand when the grid is at its peak, you could save over 20% on your electricity bill.

The alerts we sent last summer will save customers over $100,000 this year because they reduced electricity demand during peak periods. One customer is now saving 25% compared to last year’s electricity bill.

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Solar, batteries and the grid

  • Solar pricing continues downward trend – payback period is typically 3 years or less
  • “Duck” Curve: is WA’s grid getting close to peak solar?
  • Commercial sized batteries are still not economically viable
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