Synergy $2500 Credit

Government support for Synergy small business customers in response to the pandemic.

In May, the WA government issued a $2,500 credit to small business customers through Synergy – the government owned retailer.

Unfortunately, the payment was only made available to eligible Synergy customers. These include Synergy small business customers on the R1 and L1 tariffs using under 50MWh/yr (less than $1,000/month in electricity usage).

The government did not make this support available to other electricity retailers or their customers.

For more information about the support offered by the government via Synergy, please visit:

Geoff Gaston, CEO of Change Energy raised the issue of lack of government support for our customers. Geoff communicated with the Minister for Energy, the Treasurer and Western Power throughout April and May but unfortunately no further assistance has been provided.

If you would like to help us, we have prepared a letter that can be filled in and sent to the Minister.  Please give us a call to discuss further.