Western Power Tariff Changes – 1 July 2020

Western Power Network Tariffs are Changing on 1 July 2020

  • Network tariffs make up between 30-50% of an electricity bill
  • The Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) gave final approval to Western Power’s new tariffs on 15 June 2020 to be effective 1 July 2020
  • Tariffs are increasing approximately 6%
  • Change Energy will analyse the new tariff prices to ensure the lowest possible cost for our customers – expect changes on bills in August for July consumption.


Access to Western Power’s network is regulated by the Access Arrangement that must be approved by the ERA.  The Access Arrangement governs how customers can access the grid, what services Western Power must provide, Western Powers’ operating and capital expenditures and the tariffs that are charged for that access. 

Retailers, like Change Energy, contract with Western Power to access the network in order to supply customers.  Retailers pay Western Power the access charges for each customer they supply.  These costs are either included in the rates paid by customers (bundled rates) or are passed through to the customer on the bill (unbundled rates).

What does this mean for customers?

Change Energy has analysed the last 12 months of consumption for each of our customers to ensure that they are on the lowest cost tariff.  Tariff prices have increased by approximately 6%, however changes to daily supply and metering charges may mean the overall increase is more or less than the percentage increases.  Some customers may suit new tariffs which may limit the increase.

We will be providing information on how the Western Power tariff changes will effect your bill, along with the adjustment on the July 2020 bill, issued in August.