Elementor #1637

Register for life support

If you or someone at your home use life support equipment, please call us on 1300 924 140 to notify us so we can help keep you connected to power.

What is deemed as life support equipment?

As determined by the WA State Government, the following equipment below currently meets the requirements of having a site listed as life support required. 

*These devices have some requirements. Please contact Change Energy Directly. 

Apnoea Monitor*

Heart Pump

Feeding Pump

Suction Pump 

Ventilator – VPAP or BPAP 

Ventilator – CPAP*

Oxygen Concentrators* 


Machine Assisted Peitoneal Dialysis Equipment*

*These devices have some requirements, please contact Change Energy directly for further information. 

To register as a life support equipment customer

Please fill out the life support registration form below

To complete the form below you will require the information about your site and need a medical practitioner to complete part of the form. 

Return the form to Change Energy 

Once you have completed the form, please send your form to sales@changeenergy.com.au. Please contact us immediately if we have not responded to your email within a 24 hour period. 

We’ll pass the details completed in your form to Western Power so you will be registered on their database as a life equipment site. 

Preparing for unplanned outages 

Due to unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather conditions or traffic accidents, your site may experience an unplanned outages. For customers with life support requirements, we encourage you to speak to your medical professional about developing an action plan should your supply be interrupted. 

If your power is unexpectedly interrupted. please contact Western Power on 13 13 51.