Business Solar

Bigger does not necessarily mean better

A well-sized solar PV system can reduce usage by up to 20% – maximising consumption and minimising low-value export. 

Change Energy, through our partners Solargain, has extensive experience in commercial solar.  Solargain has completed more than 10MW of installations over the last 10 years.

Our experienced team will complete a detailed analysis of your solar PV requirements, including installation size and how the system will interact with existing infrastructure.

We can provide grid supply as well as the solar PV installation.  Our quote will include details on how the installation of solar PV may change your grid costs.

We can offer innovative payment options for the solar, including on-bill financing (if we supply the grid energy too.)

If you choose our grid supply, we off Feed in Tariffs, and if you have multiple sites, you can even use the solar export at one site to offset the energy cost at another site.

We offer ongoing maintenance of your solar installation, ensuring maximum performance and better return on your investment.

Simply upload your latest electricity bill and find out how much you can save