Insider Energy Program

Insider Energy Program – Electrical Contractors

The Challenge for Customers

In a tight economy, all businesses need to be careful what they spend, yet many do not know that another option is available:

Business customers spending more than $1000 per month on their electricity bill can choose their electricity supplier.

Change Energy is an electricity retailer (just like Synergy) and we can often supply electricity at cheaper rates to help reduce customer costs.  Change Energy’s team has helped 1000’s of WA businesses save on their electricity bill.

Benefits for Electrical Contractors

  • Value-add to your customers – as a trusted provider to your customer you have the opportunity to save them money
  • Additional / increased contact with customers
  • New source of revenue without additional labour or costs
  • Opportunity for additional work for solar and LED installations

Which Customers Benefit the Most?

Business customers spending between $1,000 to $5,000 per month on their electricity:

  • Factory units with manufacturing or refrigeration
  • Bakeries
  • Engineering works
  • Fruit and veg shops
  • Cafes/restaurants

Synergy customers on the L3/R3 Business Tariffs (we can check this, all you need to do is send a copy of the power bill).

New commercial connections – these do not have to go through Synergy.

How it Works

  • Change Energy will provide a brochure and co-branded quotation form
  • Get Quotation form signed by customer – it must have NMI/meter numbers and be signed by customer (preferable with a copy of the customer’s latest electricity bill)
  • Change Energy will perform detailed analysis of customer’s consumption and create a quote
  • Change Energy will send quote directly to customer, providing a copy to you as the Insider Energy Program partner
  • Customer signs up with Change Energy
  • Upon customer transfer to Change Energy – commission payable to you as the Insider Energy Program partner

How to Get Going

  • Sign the referral agreement
  • We will provide training and information about the electricity market including prices
  • Commissions are available for solar and LED installation.
    • As size of the job, the amount of labour you may want to provide and the costs vary significantly we discuss each one with you on a case by case basis

Want to know more or arrange a time to discuss the program in more detail?  Call us on 1300 924 140 or email us at