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We have worked with 100s of supermarkets in WA to help them save money on their electricity bills. Bundled or unbundled pricing, solar PV analysis and peak demand alerts help put you in control of your electricity costs.

We know that every supermarket is different – so we offer individual rates for each customer – not group pricing.

We offer cost benchmarks so that you can see how competitive your operations are when compared to similar businesses.

We perform a detailed analysis of your electricity consumption looking at:

  • The time of day and time of year you use electricity
  • Peak demand
  • Network costs
  • Capacity costs
  • Any anomalies over the year

Once we have analysed your usage, and consider other technologies like solar PV and LED lighting, we will provide competitive electricity pricing tailored to you needs.

Simply upload your latest electricity bill and find out how much you can save

Change Energy offers:

Multi-site supply

If you have multiple sites around WA, we can look at the group of sites and potentially offer further savings.

We can provide billing on a group basis while also providing customised reporting to match your requirements.

Summer Demand Management

Capacity costs make up approximately 20% of the average business customer’s electricity bill.

It is based on your consumption as it relates to the overall system peak demand – that is not necessarily your peak demand.

If you can reduce you demand when the system is at its peak, you may see significant savings on your electricity bills in the future or at contract renewal.

Solar PV and LED lighting solutions

Bigger does not necessarily mean better when it comes to Solar PV.  A well-sized system can reduce costs by up to 20% or more.
LED lighting can reduce consumption by 50% compared to older lighting.

Solar Feed in Tariffs

We can offer market based Solar Feed in Tariffs for any energy that is exported back onto the grid.

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